5 Reasons to Buy Term Life Insurance

5 Reasons to Buy Term Life InsuranceThe main reason you buy term life insurance is to protect the ones you love. Insurance is about caring for the future of your family, but there is a lot more that term life insurance can do.

In sum, if you are like most people, you buy term life insurance for these most common reasons:

  1. To Cover Your Dependents Expenses

    Like most parents, you want to be sure your kids are well taken care of and can afford education after you are gone. For this reason, additional life insurance coverage is essential while your children still rely on you. Term life insurance is the way to go over whole because you only need your kids on your life insurance policy for a "term".

  2. Cover Funeral Costs

    The cost of a funeral and burial can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars. It is shocking how expensive funerals can be! You won't want your family burdened with the surprise of funeral costs if you were to pass suddenly.

  3. Replace Your Spouses' Income

    If you die, your family will need the income that you normally would have been brought in. That income is essential to your lifestyle. Whether you worked or not, you were a value to the family. A stay at home parent provided shopping, housework, cooking, and driving that would usually cost a lot for someone else to do.

  4. Pay Off Debts

    In addition to providing income to cover the everyday costs, life insurance can help with debts like the mortgage or college loans so you wouldn't have to be stuck paying them off unexpectedly.

  5. To Pay Off Estate Taxes

    Estate taxes can put a dent in your finances. Having an insurance plan in place to pay them off is vital to keeping your funds that you need. Use of life insurance for this is common in large estates.

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