How to Find Affordable Life Insurance in Liberty Missouri

How to Find Affordable Life Insurance in Liberty Missouri

Are you looking for a local life insurance agent whose best interest is your family's financial future? Here at The Mutual Fund Store, we understand the importance of a meaningful business relationship. When you're making a big life decision, such as buying a house or an insurance policy, you want to work with someone you know you can trust. We're able to offer what no other national insurance company does-a level of personal commitment and detail.

We've been serving Kansas City and Liberty Missouri for over 25 years

Our founder, Stuart Woodbury, is a native to Kansas City, and has been helping individuals with life insurance questions since 1985. He is a member of the Million Dollar Round Table organization, which recognizes the top life insurance professionals worldwide.

In addition, Stuart regularly appears on programs for KMBZ, offering his advice and wisdom for radio listeners in Kansas City and Liberty Missouri.

We'll partner with you to find the best rates from 200 different life insurance companies

Our approach to life insurance is different than many other organizations, who are often focused solely on the bottom line. When you contact us, we'll learn more about you to determine the specific needs that best benefit your family. Using that data, we're able to find rates from 200 different life insurance companies, and pinpoint the one that offers the most coverage at an affordable rate.

Your policy is our policy

We strive to have meaningful relationships with the individuals and families that work with us. Along with providing unbiased financial information to recommend policies for all of our clients, we're also available whenever you need to ask us anything-call, email, or live chat on our website!

Our goal is to keep you not only happy, but informed as well. We'll contact you annually to discuss your policy, make sure it is meeting all of your needs, and that it is still the best priced option available to you. If not, we can help you change your policy.

A term life insurance policy can provide financial peace of mind for years to come. If you have questions, or are considering one for your family, give us a call. We're proud to do business in Liberty, and build honest, meaningful relationships with each and every client of ours.

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