How to Pass a Life Insurance Medical Exam

How to Pass a Life Insurance Medical ExamTo purchase a life insurance policy, you often have to pass a life insurance medical exam. The exam helps your insurer determine your estimate and plan. Passing a health exam with flying colors can have a substantial impact on the price you will pay. Because you could pay a higher price if you have an illness or are older, we encourage you to purchase life insurance while you are still young, healthy, or both! Check out our tips below to make sure your exam goes smoothly:

Tips to Pass a Life Insurance Medical Exam

  1. Start Eating Better
    1. Start a diet that includes more leafy vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and healthy fats. The saturated fats and carbohydrates in unhealthy food can elevate blood pressure and cholesterol.
    2. Cut back on the sugar. Especially if you might be borderline diabetic, your blood sugar is going to come out better in the exam if you're not eating a lot of sugar the week before. Consider honey, or stevia as a replacement for refined sugars.
    3. Decrease your alcohol consumption. Alcohol can affect the liver, and liver function is typically tested during a medical life insurance exam. Heavy drinkers are prone to some health problems; so insurance companies are likely to offer lower rates to those who have a good result in their liver function test.
  2. Drink More Water

    Prepare for your exam by drinking a lot of water up to your appointment. If you have high blood pressure, avoid coffee the morning of your exam as it can cause elevated blood pressure. Opt for a glass of water that morning instead.

  3. Sleep Well the Night Before

    A good night's rest will do wonders on exam day for your overall health, but especially your blood pressure. Arrive early for your exam and relax to lower your blood pressure and calm any nerves.

  4. Quit Smoking

    If you quit smoking for 12 months, you are legally considered not to be a smoker. Smoking bumps up your rate significantly, so try to quit if possible. Quitting tobacco can be tough due to its highly addictive nature and intense physical withdrawal symptoms. Make sure you get the support you need throughout the quitting process.

    If you've followed the tips so far and have a life insurance medical exam coming up, you are on the right track! If you have any questions about your health or life insurance rates, we are happy to help. Contact us today for any questions or a free life insurance quote.

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