Life insurance for seniors over 70 has generally been thought of as being out of reach for most people, because their health and age make the cost too expensive to be worthwhile. Historically, this has been true: most senior citizens open 20 or 30 year term life policies when they are younger, ensuring that they still have coverage when they are in their 70's to take care of their families. However, what do you once your policy expires?

For a long time, we were left with no options other than expensive "burial policies". Fortunately, times have changed and the cost of life insurance has become much more affordable once you reach your 70's!

Life insurance for seniors over 70 is affordable with The Mutual Fund Store

Did you know?

  • The life expectancy in the U.S. today has risen to 80 years old, which is why insurance companies have begun to lower prices.
  • The monthly premium for a healthy 70 year old male is often less than $100 a month for $100,000 of coverage over 10 years.
  • Life insurance provides a way for seniors to offer their family a flexible inheritance if their main asset is an estate.
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