The Mutual Fund Store Provides Term Life Insurance at a Low Cost

Life Insurance is always a hard thing to talk about. Coming to terms with our mortality can be difficult to grasp in your youth and even harder to accept as you advance in age. However, no matter how uncomfortable the subject might be, it's essential to have life insurance to protect those you leave behind. And if cost of life insurance has been a big reason why you put off purchasing it in the past, The Mutual Fund Store offers term life insurance that strives to be the lowest in the market.

Stewart Woodbury founded The Mutual Fund Store to provide low cost life insurance to everyone who seeks it. Woodbury has been in the business for over 25 years and his experience and expertise has been rewarded with a Lifetime Membership of the Million Dollar Round Table, an organization of the leading life insurance producers throughout the world. With access to over 200 top-rated insurance companies, The Mutual Fund Store provides the lowered priced term life insurance on the market and ensures that you will always receive the best price with our annual reviews of your current policy.

Term life insurance is not just for married couples or those with children. Everyone should have have term life insurance because it gives you the peace of mind that the people you leave behind will not be saddled with your debts. Term life insurance cost less because it doesn't carry any cash value and it's not a life long commitment. Term life insurance is often sold in terms (from 5 years up to 30 years) and the money that you save with term life insurance should be used be best served for investment purposes.

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Term Life Insurance products are offered through TMFS Insurance Agency LLC, a separate company, affiliated with Financial Engines Advisors, L.L.C. (FEA), in states where licensed. TMFS Insurance Agency, LLC is under common ownership with FEA. Each entity is its own separate entity that provides services for its client independent from the other.