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Term Life
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Getting out of college or acquiring a new job can both be very exciting moments in life. There's a new horizon in front of you, bursting with opportunity to be had. During this time, you start accumulating wealth and unfortunately, debt as well. As you accumulate that wealth you can pay off debt as you go, but as your life balloons with more responsibilities (kids, a new house, paying for college) you need to come up with a plan!

Do I start with a term life plan?

It's never easy finding to time to sit down and figure financial matters out. How much do I put aside? Will it be enough to cover my debt should I ever pass on? These are all questions that we can answer. At The Mutual Fund Store, we will take a look at your current assets as well as what you plan to have 5, 10 and 30 years from now. You can start a plan that grows with you and your family.

So you have your plan started. What can your life insurance plan do for you now?

Term life insurance is typically good for the length of 30 years. Yes, the cost of term grows as you grow. But when you are starting out the low cost entry point will help you manage your funds for other investments. Keep in mind permanent life insurance does offer tax deferred growth but so do 401(k)s. Rather than investing in whole life insurance, choose term life insurance. It is the purest form of life insurance that you will need which is why the cost of entry is so low.

What do I do next?

Well, call of course! We have rates and information from 200 top-rated companies at our disposal. That means we can find the best fit for your needs. Term life insurance comes in all shapes and sizes, and by providing us with your background and vision, we can get you suited with the right plan. Call us at (877) 794-8376 or click below and we will be ready to get you on your way to providing your family with a lifetime of trusted financial security.

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