What to Do Before You Purchase Life Insurance

Paper with checklist. Tips to consider before you purchase Life insurance. Life insurance can help give you peace of mind when it comes to things like debt, education and any other financial burdens that could happen if you were to pass. As you make this decision, it's crucial to prepare and consider all your options. When you make the decision to purchase life insurance, you're making a commitment to protect you, your family and your loved ones in the future.

How to Prepare Before You Purchase Life Insurance

Think Ahead

Typically a term life insurance policy covers 10-30 years. Your plan needs to include all major life events such as marriage, children, a mortgage and more. You want to think ahead to your next 30 years and what all you will need financial coverage for. This list will be different for everyone since it depends on each person's age and life at the time they decide to purchase.

Research Riders

Riders are add-ons to your life insurance policy that you can purchase for certain benefits. Every family is unique so the value of riders will vary. In general, riders are important for families with major health conditions. For example, a guaranteed insurability rider lets you purchase life insurance at a future date without undergoing a new medical exam. You will want to do your research on what riders are important to you before you purchase your policy.

Stay Healthy

Your health plays a large part in your life insurance policy. If you are older and not healthy, it may cost more for you to be insured. Knowing this when you are young and healthy can help you take precautions early on to get a lower costing plan later down the road. You can minimize health risks with preventative measures like eating well, not smoking, exercising and regularly going to a doctor. Keep these things in mind and factor them in to how much coverage you think you'll need!

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