Why Young Adults Need Life Insurance

Young AdultWhen you're in your 20s-30s life insurance may seem like an unnecessary expense. You may feel you have bigger expenses and priorities right now and life insurance is something you can tackle in your future. Few people under 30 will purchase life insurance, and unfortunately for them, this can be a costly mistake. If you are considering buying life insurance, the time is now!

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You may still be wondering, "What's the rush?" Well, here are a few reasons you should considering buying life insurance while your still young:

  • Debt. It is hard to afford any extra expense when you are still in debt. But in reality you don't want to leave your loved ones burdened with your debt either. From credit cards to student loans and perhaps even a mortgage payment, you may carry a great deal of debt as a young adult. These debts are not written off when you die. Even if your debt burden isn't high, it is nice to know that your family and loved ones will not be held responsible with outstanding financial obligations.
  • Although you are young, if you have a family, your children need to be provided for. By purchasing life insurance you can know your children's expenses and needs will be covered.
  • Employer insurance may not be enough to cover expenses should you pass. Usually employer's policies lapse if you lose your job due to an illness or accident, which is often when young people need their life insurance. A Mutual Fund policy aside from your employer would cover you if such a tragedy were to happen.
  • A perk of purchasing when young, is that it's more affordable then ever. Buying a policy in your twenties won't break the bank.

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