Funeral Costs and How to Save

Family at funeral with flowers. Mutual Fund Store term life insurance for funeralsFunerals are tragic events that no one wants to plan, let alone think about the costs. Total expenses of a funeral including memorial costs can be several thousand dollars. There are many small costs one wouldn't think about ahead of time that can add up quickly, including:

  • The casket
  • Burial clothing
  • Embalming or cremation fees
  • Transportation fees
  • Funeral ceremony fees
  • and many more

During the emotional trauma of the loss of a loved one, there is so much to handle and think about that finance, paperwork, and details get lost in the chaos. The lack of information, and time crunch, place the consumer at a disadvantage in making funeral plans.

A way to save you and your loved ones stress and chaos in the future, is to set aside finances in advance for funerals, and one way to prepare is through your insurance policy. These can remove some of the stressful decisions that families are left with after we pass or after the loss of a loved one.

Having a term life insurance policy will help offset some of your funeral expenses. While it's not specifically funeral insurance, your payout can be used for many of the expenses of the funeral. Many people take out term life insurance policies when they are young to ensure that at the very least funeral expenses.

Consider all your options, talk to family members, as well as with a trusted agent from The Mutual Fund Store Life Insurance. We can help you see what plan is right for you, and best for your family.

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