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Term Life Insurance: The Only Reason You Need To Not Crowdfund Your Funeral

Death is a promised result of life; we will all meet similar conclusions at some point or another. Knowing how a funeral will be paid for, however, can be a bit uncertain.

An estimated 62% of Americans have a life insurance policy, such as the options provided through Low Cost Life Insurance. That means 38% of Americans – 14.5 million people – have to establish alternative ways to pay for any medical or funeral expenses after they decease. Most importantly, this means that 38% of Americans may not have any means at all to cover these costs. To make up for this daunting fact, many relatives of the deceased have turned to crowdfunding in order to give their loved one a proper burial.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a modern phenomenon that empowers a wide range of people to pool their money together for one substantial cause. Common crowdfunding use cases include financing new businesses’ venture capital needs, generating consumer support for an upcoming product launch or rounding up donations for non-profit causes.

In order to reach the masses in the quickest way possible, crowdfunding operates by establishing an online space where donators can contribute any sum of money they are willing to spend for the cause. Some of today’s most popular web-based crowdfunding platforms are Kickstarter, GoFundMe and Indiegogo.

While these platforms are a great way to help organizations reach their business or product goals, financing funerals around the world is arguably one of the bleaker uses for crowdfunding – not to mention, using these platforms as such is completely unnecessary.

Crowdfunding vs. Funeral Funding


For those without term life insurance, crowdfunding is one of only a handful of ways to pay for funeral services.


The sole purpose of life insurance is to wrap up any loose ends left by your sudden passing. It removes any and all financial burdens from your loved ones so that nothing else interferes with the mourning process. In this sense, having a life insurance policy isn’t only the right thing to do for those you care about; it’s the responsible thing to do.


Crowdfunding is too volatile to rely on for something as important as a funeral – nearly one third of crowdfunding projects never reach their goals. As a son or daughter, brother or sister, parent, or friend, you want to leave this world knowing that the cost to lay you to rest doesn’t financially impede on the people you love; figuring out how to live without you in their lives is difficult enough without navigating the logistics of financing your funeral, whether through a crowdfunding service or other means.

That’s where we can help …


Low Cost Life Insurance specializes in finding the best term life insurance rates to fit your needs. For instance, we understand that a mother or father with young children may want to carry a larger sum of term life insurance to ensure his/her kids are taken care of in the event of a life-ending accident. In opposition, a person whose children are now grown adults may wish to reduce the amount contained in his/her life insurance policy.

We can help you find the best option, regardless of where you are in life. It’s what we do!

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Simple! Our resources enable us to look at the life insurance market as a whole. We can see the options available in your location, for your budget and for your specific stage in life. From here, we determine the best policy for you; we never recommend more than you need.

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