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Why Term Life Insurance for Married Couples is Important

Congratulations on finding the one you want to spend the rest of your life with! Getting married is such an exciting time, and often the last time you want to think about some of the more mundane tasks. But, as you begin to set up your life together, there are many important things to consider. You definitely need to establish a financial plan and long-term goals. Term life insurance for married couples is a very important factor in your plans. Life insurance doesn’t have to be just about “what if someone passes” – it can be more about how you’ll live, in both the short term and the long term. This includes having children and buying a home.

Term life policies typically feature very affordable premiums and if you apply when you’re still young, you could also benefit from lower premiums. In the case that you already had a term life insurance policy before you got married, you’ll want to review it with an agent to make sure it meets the needs after your life change. You’ll also want to review your beneficiaries to include your new partner.

Either way, our knowledgeable licensed agents can get you a free quote and help you get life insurance that meets your family’s needs.

How Much Term Life Insurance Coverage Do You Need?

Term life insurance for married couples can depend on many factors including your income, dependents, debt, your status as a homeowner, and more. In general, you should have enough life insurance for your family members to maintain their current lifestyle if you were to pass. You want your family members to be financially secured until they can provide for themselves. Our life insurance agents can help decide what coverage level is best for you.

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